Circular Economy models in business strategies in the EU and LAC

Actualizado: 15 sept

EULAC Foundation - European Union - Latin America and the Caribbean has released recently the Study Case Circular Economy models and integration of Sustainable Development Goals in business strategies in the EU and LAC. It provides a general view about the state of progress of CSR of various countries in Europe, Latin America and Caribbean.

In this study, topics of interest in both continents were highlighted, to promote the exchange of best practices and business cases that allow simplifying modalities through which the business sector can advance in certain aspects of sustainable development.

Five topics of interest were identified to continue the shared learning:

  1. Circular economy (CE) and mechanisms of protection to the environment, and clean generation of energy.

  2. Agenda 2030 and integration of SDGs: identifying opportunities for development and for business.

  3. Social and environmentally sustainable value chain.

  4. Reduction of multidimensional poverty and creation of sustainable communities

  5. Human Rights and business.

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